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You think you have technical problems

How to get live tech support!

Live Tech support is available Monday-Thursday during normal business hours of in the eastern daily time zone of the USA.  Occasionally, we do monitor it at other times but infrequently.

Email us here
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You can't log into the website

Forgot username and/or password to access the website?

Please send us an email using the link below with as much information as you can. Provide your first and last name, the email address you used to sign up with, what you think the username is.  Be patient with us, as this is a manual process.

Course video cannot be viewed

Having issues viewing the course videos?

Course videos for each of the 8 modules are not playing, loading, and cannot be viewed.  Course video freezes at a certain point during the run. Please contact support and make sure to specify what time during the video run that it freezes or hangs.

You can't upload images to forum

Unable to upload images to the forum?

The maximum image dimension for uploading is: 1800px (width) X 1500px (height).  Please check your image size and adjust accordingly to the ideal dimension in pixel.  The file size is restricted to 1MB.  If you are still having issues, then kindly email us.

I still need help?  Email us here address is: support@rtmacademy.com

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