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An Invitation from IF Myante at RTM Academy


Discover How to Consistently Beat the Market

Unlock the Vault to all the Profits the Market Offers

And Earn the Greatest Qualification in Market Analysis


Learn from the Legendary IF Myante in His Greatest Work and

Experience New Levels of Reading the Market and Profiting

Endlessly from It.....Whether You are New or a Seasoned Trader


Price Action Master Class (Day 3) - Compression


Click Play to Watch

There is No Chaos in the Market.....


You are about to discover how to finally have a break through in your trading and attain the financial success you have been wanting.

But first, I must tell you that so far you've been fed with educational propaganda that the market is random, just a like a casino.  And the only way to win is to play the probability game with a so called 'edge.'  

This is pure rubbish! 

In fact, it is quite the contrary, for the market is a beautifully crafted game played by the Institutional Traders to lure in retail traders with hopes and dreams of riches, but only to rob them of their hard earned money.

How do I know this?......Because I HAVE SOLVED the PUZZLE of the MARKET!  

What is my proof?.......I can consistently pick tops and bottoms, and very often to the pip, for I understand how the market truly works and the architecture behind it.

My trades often give me a 15:1, 20:1 and even 40:1 reward-to-risk ratio.  Only a TRUE MASTER of the market can accomplish this amazing feat, for it requires READING THE MARKET with high precision.  

How many self-proclaimed gurus can honestly say they consistently pick tops and bottoms?  I have yet to come across anyone, for all the ones I am aware of have a big hole in their understanding and reading of the market. They have fallen (through no fault to their own) into the trap of the educational propaganda put out by the Institutional Traders.  

View the video above for proof from my live account.


Gray Bar Thin1Gray Bar Thin1

How Long Have You Been in this Game?.....


If you are new to trading, congratulations for discovering us before the Institutional Traders inculcate you with their propaganda via trading education.

If you have been at this game for a good amount of time, and are still not financially free, then let this be your WAKE UP CALL.

Doing more of the same thing WILL NOT get you better results. It will only keep you at the level you are at.  

Do you agree?

To create real change... the answer you are looking for does not lie in another trading system that focuses on indicators, supply/demand or support/resistance.  It lies in reading the REAL PRICE ACTION of the market using raw charts only with an in-depth understanding of market architecture. 

The reality is...if you are typical...there are 2 main problems holding you back from achieving your desires.

Here they are. 

The first problem is you are simply drowning in too much information today.  You don't know which trading education/system is the real deal and which one is based on marketing hype. 

The second problem is you lost the skill to learn the correct way.  Let me elaborate. When you were a toddler, you had focused on learning one thing at a time until you mastered it.  But as an adult, you are jumping from one thing to the next without mastery of the first. You have become confused.

Being a trader is one of the toughest vocation out there and if you are unable to focus and master one lesson at a time, you will eventually fail or give up.  As of today, I have yet to see a trading system that teaches you to focus on one thing at a time until mastery is attained before moving on to the next lesson.  More importantly, I have yet to see any so-called gurus having an in-depth knowledge of the market like we do.

We, at RTM Academy, are the only ones with the solution to help you achieve mastership in your trading.


Gray Bar Thin1Gray Bar Thin1

Get Ready to Experience the Trading Break Through You Always Wanted


At RTM Academy, we have truly:

  • Deciphered the code of the market
  • Understand with a throrough in-depth knowledge how the market works. 
  • In fact, IF Myante, founder of RTM Academy, has reverse engineered the whole market, taking it apart and piecing it back together.

The Master Traders Training Program is:

  • Built upon the personal success formula of Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of America. Benjamin Franklin used this formula 200 years before the advent of the internet.
  • This simple formula is: ‘focusing on one thing at a time in bite sizes, until you have mastered it’ before moving on.
  • This is how we teach our students at RTM Academy.


Here’s everything you get when you register:


1.  The Master Traders Training Program ( a comprehensive 12-month course) in video and written format, in-depth advance lessons, homework exercises, assignments, quizzes, exam and a thesis.


2.  Mentoring by IF Myante and Coaching by his team.


3.  An unconditional 14-day or prior to the release of Module 6 money-back guarantee, which ever comes first, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.


Bonus #1: Professional business trading plan to ensure that you treat trading as a business rather than a hobby.


Bonus #2: Brand New!  Advance lessons / assignments that have never been released before in the history of RTM Academy which will help excel your mastery of the market.


Bonus #3: Reverse Engineering - we will teach you how to learn how the market works, so that if the Insitutional Traderss ever change their tactics, you’ll be able to spot it and reverse engineer their new plays.





Enroll Now



It is time take control of your financial future. It is time to bet on yourself.........it is time to invest in yourself!

Enroll in the Master Traders Training Program at RTM Academy today. 

Here is a famous quote that rings so true,

"We do not get unlimited chances to have the things we want. Nothing is worse than missing an opporuntiy that could have changed our life."

Still can't decide?  We got your back! There is an unconditional 2-weeks/ or prior to Module 6 release money-backed guarantee. If you feel this program is not for you, just drop an email to our team. There’s nothing to return, and no effort required at all.

Let this be YOUR BEST YEAR!

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