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Instructions for Trading Room Registration

Before you begin your registration, please note this trading room / live group chat is by INVITATION ONLY.  It is designed for RTMA students and graduates who have completed all the modules of the Master Traders Training Program (MTTP) under the new RTM Academy.

warningATTENTION!  If you have not received an invitation by RTM Academy to register for the trading room,  please kindly close out of this page.  


Please note:

When registering, please use the "Existing user? Please login" section of the form.  

DO NOT USE the "New User? Please register" section.  



Trading Room

The Trading Room is for RTMA students that have completed the Master Traders Training Program (MTTP).

This room is where you interact with students and current graduates of the new RTMA in a live group chat and dedicated forum to hone in your trading skills.

Duration: 1 month
Price: €10