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Applicant Questionnaire

Completing the questionnaire is critical in helping us to evaulate if our academy is the right place for you.  Our goal is to provide students with the best trading education in the market, thereby, we need to assess if you are ready.  

The academy is well known for its' warm, friendly, and conducive learning atmosphere, meanwhile the workload is intensive. Therefore, we only admit students who are seriously devoted to making a change in their lives for the better and are willing to committ the time, the effort, and the resources. 

Please follow the instructions below for the questionnaire: 

  • Answer all of the questions.

  • Think carefully through each question.  It is critical that you be as honest as possible to yourself with your answer.  

  • If possible, when answering the questionnaire find a time and place without any interruption and distraction.

Click on image or text link below to begin  

Upon Completion of the Questionnaire

After completing the applicant questionnaire, please proceed to the registration process. 

Be sure to submit / upload all the required documents specified in the registration page. 

Upon receipt and review of your registration form, required documents, and the applicant questionnaire, we will contact you with instruction for payment if you have been accepted.

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