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Master Traders Training Program


RTMA MTTP is like no other education out there. You will learn to see the market through the eyes of the Insitutiional Traders and trade along side them.

The Academy is your KEY to achieve market mastery! 

Duration: 1 year
Price: €19,997
Continuing Education Program


RTMA CEP is designed for prior RTM Academy students who have completed the full program.

Continue Your Path to Market Mastery with Us!

Duration: 1 year
Price: €5,997

 important big



I’m IF (Ifmyante), and you’re here either by accident, or because you want to learn the financial market, which has been kicking you around for some time now, and you’ve heard that I have the best understanding of the market that can be found.

You may have heard of such phenomena as Flag Limit, FTR, BSZ, MPL, advanced Quasimodo and Diamond, and advanced Compression trading.  These are just some of the concepts which I defined on my road to understanding the market.

Well, these things I teach in this academy, to a level you won’t find anywhere else.  Yes, I ran RTM (readthemarket.com) for many years, and it’s quickly becoming the standard text on trading.

There are now hundreds of schools teaching it.  It’s important to point out, however, that nobody who got rich from trading my methods ever opened a school.  They’d all be quite happy for their free money source to be kept a secret


"Those who copy my old work and sell it, have all failed to understand it, and couldn’t make a penny from trading it."


While I appreciate that they’re all out there spreading the word about RTM, I need to warn you that I’ve never seen any one of them who actually understands my method.  If you’ve managed to be profitable from studying under them, then well done you!  That’s more a reflection on your abilities than theirs.

Anyway, here in RTM Academy, we teach market reading and trading at a whole new level. We can teach you all of the above in a more concise manner than ever before, teach you to read the manipulation of the emotions of the retail trader into handing over his stops, how to pick only the best setups which will multiply your account, and how to turn your trading experience into a very profitable, professional enterprise.

If you’re meant to be a trader, then this course is exactly what you need.  If you’re a gambler, please stay away. You want to lose, and no matter what you try, you’ll always get what you want.

Nobody ever moves on from RTM Academy and looks for a different trading educationThose who get rich from us need nothing more. Those who don’t, know at last that they weren’t meant to be traders.

If you do join us, I’d ask that you set a limit to how much you need to earn in your lifetime, and beyond that, use all your income to employ people to clean up and futureproof this beautiful planet of ours.

All the best to you, and if you’re meant to be a trader, I’ll see you inside.