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Master Traders

Training Program


In the Master Traders Course, you’ll learn the mind of the market mover. You’ll understand why he does all that he does, and how. He has many tricks up his sleeve, and you’ll learn them all. Not only that, you’ll learn the rules he MUST live by, giving you a complete understanding of not only what has happened in the market, but more importantly, what WILL happen!

The course is broken down into two distinct parts, where you will learn everything that is important, and nothing that isn’t:

The Theory: Developed to make sure you completely understand the movement of price, and the people behind the movement. Understand where the orders remain, and how to exploit these areas with alarming accuracy. 

The Practice: Brings the theory into a new light by showing how to turn all you’ve learned into a solid trading plan to suit your personality and your lifestyle. Understand the emotions of the market participants, you can trade without emotion, and avoid falling into the same old traps.

By the end you will have all the knowledge you need to enable you to trade the live markets with confidence and amazing accuracy.


The program is open to anyone who wishes to be a full or part time trader. The program is designed with the purpose of creating RTM Academy Fund traders, thereby, it is very intensive.

In order to trade the RTM Academy Fund, you will need to be qualified under the terms and conditions of the fund (terms and conditions can be found in the application form) and demonstrate your mastery of reading the market.

This program is tailored to suit everybody, regardless of experience.  No one will be left behind if you willing to put up the hard work.


If you are brand new to RTM and/or RTM Academy, then we advise that you come with an open mind and leave behind any prior knowledge you have of the market.   

No prior knowledge of terms/abbreviations and basic understanding of published articles displayed in the markepedia section of 'Read The Market' at www.readthemarket.com is required.  No “trading” experience is needed.

RTM Academy is very selective in accepting students. All applicants must complete the asssement questionnaire.


Teaching Platform

The training program will be run completely online. The educational material will be communicated through:

Video Modules

The 8 Modules of the Master Traders Training Course are delivered in video format for viewing at anytime and as often as needed.

Diagrams & Charts

Diagrams and charts are used to illustrate and explain theory and practical real life examples further.  They will be posted in the student forum for viewing and discussion.

Video Tutorial

Additional tutorial on top of the 8 modules are delivered via video for easy viewing at your own schedule or in written format.


Webinars are held on a needed basis to explain, elaborate, and clarify questions and confusions students may have. Webinars are recorded for those who could not attend. 

Course Objective

Upon completion of this course you will have completed the following objectives:

Understand Price

Completely understand the movement of price and the tricks played by Institutional Traders to fill their books.

Trade Mechanically

Trade mechanically with a strict set of objective rules that will keep you on the right side of the market at all times.

Universal Rule

Know the Universal Rule of Market Dynamics.

Understand Market Psychology

Understand the psychology behind the market.

Price Bounce or Reverse

Know where price will bounce & when it's reversed.

Course Syllabus

The Master Traders Training Course is composed of 8 Modules. 
Each module lays the foundation for the next; spanning from market overview to putting it all together.

Recently, we have added brand new advance modules that have never been released in history of RTM Academy.

Master Traders Training Course


1.1 Message from If Myante
1.2  Why RTM and How We Differ from Other Educator
1.3 Difference between RTM Markepedia and RTMA Full Course
1.4 Managing Expectation
      1.4.1 Why Most New Traders Fail
      1.4.2 Realistic Expectations

1.5 Homework Assignment & Quiz

Market Overview

2.1 – Financial Market Fallacy
2.2 – The Financial Markets are a Scam!
2.3 –
Manipulations and Propaganda
2.4 – Market Participants

2.5 – Homework Assignment & Quiz

How the Markets Work

3.1 – How Does Price Move       
         3.1.1 – Who Moves the Market
         3.1.2 – The Institutional Traders
         3.1.3 – Reasons why the ITs Does What He Does
         3.1.4 – How the ITs Trick the Retailers
         3.1.5 – The Pre-Open Rush Market Movement
         3.1.6 – The Stop Hunt
         3.1.7 – Don’t be a Breakout Trader
3.2 – Order Flow
         3.2.1 – Order Flow Analogy
         3.2.2 – Understanding the Story of Order Flow
3.3 – Liquidity 
3.4 – The Problems Faced by Institutional Traders (Large Orders)
3.5 – How the Institutional Traders Mitigate This Problem

3.6 – Homework Assignment & Quiz

Market Myths - Modern Misinformation

4.1 – Indicators and Candle Patterns
         4.1.1 – Indicators
         4.1.2 – Candle Patterns
            – The Pinbar
            – The Engulfing Outside Bar
            – The Inverted Pinbar
4.2 – Supply and Demand
4.3 – Support and Resistance
4.4 – Remaining Technical Analysis 
4.5 – Fundamental Analysis
4.6 – The Free Market
4.7 – Homework Assignment & Quiz

Market Structure

5.1 – Flags and Pole 
        5.1.1 – Defining Flags and Pole
5.2 – Implied Flag
5.3 – Flag Limits
5.4 – Max Pain Level (MPL) and Implied Flag Revisited
5.5 – Scales and Timeframe
         5.5.1 – Scales
         5.5.2 – Time Frame
5.6 – Price Action Zone (PAZ)
5.7 – Left Shoulder Kink
5.8 – Symmetry
5.9 – Ignored Levels
5.10 – Homework Assignment & Quiz

Real Price Action

6.1 – Overview
6.2 – The Engulf (Continuation/Reversal)

6.3 – Quasimodo (QM) and the Diamond (DM)
         6.3.1 – Quasimodo
         6.3.2 – Diamond
6.4 – Using the Quasimodo and Diamond for Advancement of PA
6.5 – Must We Wait for Full Retrace
6.6 – Compression 
         6.6.1 – Pre-Compression
         6.6.2 – SR Caveat
6.7 - The Cancan 
6.8 – Why tricks are important (The BSZ)
6.9 – Flag Completion in the Scope of Price Action
6.10 – Homework Assignment & Quiz

The ITs' Play Book

7.1 – The Left Shoulder Kink (LSK) (Play 1)
7.2 – The Flag Limit (Play 2)

7.3 – The Fundamental ITs' Rule of the Market
         7.3.1 – The Rule
         7.3.2 – Space
7.4 – The Fundamental ITs' Rule
        7.4.1 – The Rule
        7.4.2 – The Universal Rule of the Market (IF/THEN Rule)
7.5 – Implications
7.6 – Homework Assigment & Quiz

Putting It All Together

8.1 – Trading Introduction
8.2 – Areas/Levels to Look for Trades

8.3 – Price Action Reading (P.A.R.)
         8.3.1 – P.A.R. – Past
         8.3.2 – P.A.R – Present
         8.3.3 – P.A.R – Reaction
8.4 – Entry Levels, Stop Loss and Target Level
         8.4.1 – Entry Level
         8.4.2 – Stop Loss Placement
         8.4.3 – Target Levels
8.5 – Introduction to the Trading Plan
         8.5.1 – Don’t Be a Hero!
         8.5.2 – Risk
8.6 – Trade Plan 1: The Reversal and Set and Forget
8.7 – Trade Plan 2: Touch Trade or PA
8.8 – Psychology
8.9 – Conclusion
8.10 – Homework Assignment & Quiz

**Comprehensive Final Examination Will Be Administered After Completion of the Course**

Advance Modules & Assignments

**NEW** Advance Modules, Lessons, and Assignments in RTM Academy. 

Never before have been released in the history of RTM Academy. 

These advance lessons/assignments are very powerful and will leap forward your understanding of the market.

Module 09 – Flag Scales
Module 10 – Mouths & Spikes

Module 11 – Left Shoulder Kink
Module 12 – Compression
Module 13 – Find the Orders
Module 14 – The FTR (Failed to Return)
Module 15 – Manipulation of Emotions
Module 16 – Trading Compression
Module 17 – Chart Marking
Module 18 – Making Money
Module 19 – Drawing Price

Enroll in the Course

Become a True Master of the Market

Pull Money Out of the Market at Your Own Will

Admission/Tuition Fee

Course Type:  Online

Duration:  Self-Paced

Admission/Tuition Fee (1-Year Term):  €24,997

Enrollment:  Ongoing

Refund:   A full, no questions asked refund is available within 2 weeks of registration or before the release of module 6, whichever one comes first.  You don't want to miss out on Module 6 (Real Price Action). This is the heart of the training program and is where the real good stuff kicks in!

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