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The 3 Pillars of Market Mastery

Pillar 1 - The Theory

There's a mass of misinformation about the market, scattered across the internet and bookshelves around the globe.

Much of this is written by well intentioned traders who've found ways to be marginally profitable. More of it is written by charlatans, out to make a quick buck.

Nearly all though, share a number ways of looking at the market which just aren't right.

Indicators, fibonacci numbers, trendlines, candle analyses, price patterns, even supply and demand, are touted as tools to help you become profitable. If you think about it, however, you'll realise that the big institutional traders (ITs), the guys who move the market, know about all these tricks too, and are bound to make them work just enough times to keep you enthralled by them.

That's the first trap you fall into, and so many of you never come out.

The ITs, however, have their own ways of moving and manipulating the market, and these ways are actually quite simple! Here is where you'll learn those ways.

At RTM Academy, you won't learn an "edge". You'll learn exactly how the market works, the Universal Rule that the ITs live by, and exactly what that means in terms of where price WILL go next.

All the information is very easy to understand. With every lesson, you'll get a deeper understanding of how truly simple the market really is, and by the end of the course, you'll be able to open any chart and quickly read EXACTLY what's going on!


Pillar 2 - The Practice

By the time you've finished the Price Reading Section, you'll have a far deeper understanding of market dynamics than you ever could've imagined.

The next step will be to apply what you've learned and make a trade plan, or even a set of trade plans, to allow you to maximise profits and eliminate risk.

Everybody has their own unique lifestyle, as is, and ideal lifestyle for the future. We all have different time allowances for sitting at the charts, and different dreams of how we'd like to spend our time. So we'll all need slightly, or even greatly, different trade plans to get us to, and keep us in, the lifestyle we desire.

A deep understanding of the market allows us to create any of a myriad of trade plans to suit ourselves. All of them, however, will be based upon our knowing what the ITs are doing, and knowing where they want to bring price to next.

This section of the course is simple once we've mastered the Price Reading Section the ITs Playbook.

Pillar 3 - The Performance

Many years ago, the famous Albert Einstein said:

"Compounding is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it... he who doesn't, pay it."
                                                           - Albert Einstein

With that said, with your newfound understanding, you'll see, first-hand, how compounding is truly the Eighth Wonder of the World!

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