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Become One with the Market!

Are you listening?  Eventhough some of you maybe saying "yes", the REAL BIG QUESTION becomes... are you able to understand?  Chances are, you are not able to comprehend what the market is saying. You see, only the market makers are the only ones that can understand the language since they are the ones who created the language in the first place. 

Sure, some of the traders from different schools may say that they know the market is talking to them and they can understand the language.....but can they HONESTLY say they fully understand the lanugage of the market?  Look at their equity curve and you will realize immediately that it is not the case.

Let me elaborate. Many traders have come to the conclusion that a knowledge of Supply and Demand, with Support and Resistance, are the be-all and end-all of trading. They do provide an “edge”, sure, but they’re still tantamount to gambling, albeit with that precious edge. 

Traders who are able decode the language of the market can become ONE with the market and, ride the market up and down....occassionly with entries to the pip.  RTM Academy is the only place where this language of the market is taught. 


Market Truths:
1. The markets speak a language that you should learn to understand.
2. The market is rigged, but it does not mean you cannot win at its game.
3. Not paying for mentorship is a huge mistake for those who are seeking to trade.
4. Beware of people who talk alot, for it will be a very expensive lesson for you.
5. Trading is a craft; you can't fool anyone if you don't have the skill.
6. Your emotions matters in trading.

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