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New Government for The People

The present, apparently disparate societies of Earth are all part of one giant ponzi scheme, where all wealth is filtered up to the top and kept there. Every government is bribed and/or threatened into creating and maintaining policies which steal everything of value from their homeland to give to their masters at the top of the pyramid.

We intend to remove all politicians from government, and replace them with incorruptible, enlightened people who will risk their lives create a new form of government, who will serve rather than rule, totally transparently, take back everything which their treacherous predecessors promised away, and put the wealth and power of every nation back in the hands of the people.


Market Truths:
1. The markets speak a language that you should learn to understand.
2. The market is rigged, but it does not mean you cannot win at its game.
3. Not paying for mentorship is a huge mistake for those who are seeking to trade.
4. Beware of people who talk alot, for it will be a very expensive lesson for you.
5. Trading is a craft; you can't fool anyone if you don't have the skill.
6. Your emotions matters in trading.

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