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Live Happy, Healthy, and Peaceful

Humanity has been duped into believing that what they need is jobs, so when jobs are taken away from an area, the area falls apart, both physically and socially.  Jobs are created by those who create the money. 

We want to take back the control of money creation, and do it not for profit, so that we can employ everyone in jobs that actually need to be done, like the establishment of free housing, food, energy, education, medicine, internet, and all other infrastructure, for everybody. We want all laws to be changed in favour of the common good, rather than the corporate elite, so that everybody is ruled by three basic tenets:

     • Have Fun
     • Be Careful
     • Play Nice


Market Truths:
1. The markets speak a language that you should learn to understand.
2. The market is rigged, but it does not mean you cannot win at its game.
3. Not paying for mentorship is a huge mistake for those who are seeking to trade.
4. Beware of people who talk alot, for it will be a very expensive lesson for you.
5. Trading is a craft; you can't fool anyone if you don't have the skill.
6. Your emotions matters in trading.

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