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Continuing Education Program

Continuing Education Program

We have designed a special program called "RTM Academy Continuing Education Program".

To be eligible for the this program, you have to be one of the following: 

1) A student who have competed the 12-month term with RTM Academy and would like to continue another year of education and/or
2) A prior RTM academy students who have completed the full program before the re-launch of the Academy in January 2018.

Please note: RTM Academy Lite Course students are not eliglble to enroll in this special program. It is only designed for students who have already completed the full RTM Academy program.

Under this special program, you will have access to the new forum, where the coaching and mentoring are taking place, access to advance modules/assignments, and IF's corner (new lessons and insights from IF).

Duration: 1 year
Price: €5,997