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Hall of Shame - Scammers of Trading Educations

Many are enticed into the world of trading by the promise of financial freedom and a dream life without financial stress and worries.  There are definitely no shortages of marketers and trading educators promoting and making such claims in social medias and other forms of media outlets. 

Each year, more and more trading educators and "so-called gurus" come out of the woodwork claiming they have the best trading systems and/or educations that allow retailer traders to beat the market while raking in millions of dollars in a relatively short period of time.   

While some of these trading educators / gurus are honest and legitimate and their trading systems /educations do help retail traders become profitable, there are others, unscrupulous trading educators, that are simply out there with the intention to scam retailer traders out of their hard earn money.  These scammers provide bad education or simply piecemeal stolen materials from legitimate and honest trading educators and selling them as their own.  These scammers have no clue what they are teaching, let alone understand and decode the complexity of the market. And when their students finally discovered that they've been scammed, it is far too late, for these scammers have ran off with their money.

In the age of the Internet and Social Media, pulling a wool over the eyes of the foolhardy can be easily done. You only have to find out why they are so desperate and then toy with their emotions and they will buy anything off your hands.  

- Anonymous -

Beware of false educators and self-proclaimed market gurus

Trust what your gut feeling is telling you.  It always tells the truth.

Test the so-called guru's knowledge before you buy

Always test the 'so-called guru' market knowledge to see if he is for real.

Do your due diligence...research, research, and research

Don't be too hasty to jump on an opportunity that is too good to be true.

We at RTM Academy have received countless messages from retail traders stating they have been scammed by these dishonest and unscrupulous educators and trading gurus. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate this section of our website for the people that have been scammed to get their message out to the public, so that others may not fall prey to these shenanigators.

If you like to post your message to expose these shameless shenanigators who have scammed you, please submit your post through the "Contact Us" form  and provide proof and support of your claim. And if you like to remain anonymous, please specify that in the text body of your message to us and we will keep your identity anonymous.  Upon review and approval, we will post your message here, in the Hall of Shame.



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Sunday, 25 October 2020

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