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The One Tool Which Will Significantly Increase Your Odds!

In the ever-growing suite of charting platforms, more and more indicators are being relied upon by the retail trader. Such indicators are included free of charge by brokers.  How nice, that we are receiving these indicators to assist us with our never-ending journey to financial freedom. Unfortunately, it’s not quite the reality of what is occurring. For those of you new to trading here is a list of the common indicators:

Moving Average’s;
Price Oscillator ‘s;
Weighted averages and;
Many more.

Which one of these indicator’s is the best? Are you ready, here is the answer. NONE OF THEM, zip, nada, duck egg or big fat zero. However, you want to label it, they are all as completely useless for retail traders as the next. Conversely, these indicators are extremely useful for the financial elite, but for contrarian reasons. The elite promote such indicators so the retailers will be completely obscured as to what is happening in the naked chart. As a result, the retailers will offer will up their orders where the indicators tell them to do so. It’s a very clever way of tricking the masses into doing what the elite few want them to do.

Further to this, when many of these indicators line up to give a signal, the retail trading crowd put even more faith in their trading decisions as they believe confluence is on their side. Nothing can be more further from the truth.
Now, I did promise you a tool that would increase your odds with trading significantly. Here it is:


There is a little more to how we use it in trading, but essentially it is all we need. We can use this tool to mark our areas where we expect the ‘elite’ manipulators to turn price against the retail masses. If you are interested in learning more about how to truly read price and get ahead of the game, please click here.



Market Truths:
1. The markets speak a language that you should learn to understand.
2. The market is rigged, but it does not mean you cannot win at its game.
3. Not paying for mentorship is a huge mistake for those who are seeking to trade.
4. Beware of people who talk alot, for it will be a very expensive lesson for you.
5. Trading is a craft; you can't fool anyone if you don't have the skill.
6. Your emotions matters in trading.

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