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Lower Time-frames Are Not Noise

If I received a dime every time I heard that “Lower Time Frames are just noise”, I think I would have at least $16.75 to my name. In all seriousness, this is what is being taught to most trading students. If you have jumped from one strategy to another you have probably heard this statement or similar pearls of wisdom from these Socrates or Plato wannabes of the trading world.

Recently, I read an article written by a leading forex educator who claimed his system was the ‘Holy Grail’ of price reading, BUT it could only be used on the Monthly, Weekly or Daily timeframes.

I was astounded by these restrictions. What was next? Could I only use his system every third Wednesday whilst facing True North? That’s how silly these restrictions and others like it seem to me. Anyone who places these caveats on their so called “education” do not understand market dynamics. Price is fractal, meaning the same laws apply from the monthly down to the tick chart. Granted, lower time frames do require a trader to be nimble but that’s to do with the time horizon not some guru voodoo that explains price movement on flawed logic. Let’s take a quick look.

Chart 1

Chart 2

Chart 3

As you can see, price dynamics remain constant. Time frames are only a variable of the order flow. It’s not dissimilar to changing the focus on a microscope from a macro view down to the micro detail. You may encounter increased volatility as you shift from the time frames, however price will always bounce at the same decisions points. Once you understand this, you will see the market as one fluid set of decisions on the chart.
Now for the good news. RTMA students are taught how to read price on any time frame from the monthly or even yearly, down to the tick chart. We have members who are profitable over NUMEROUS time horizons. If you would like to learn the skills to predict price movement on any chart, be sure to join the academy.


Market Truths:
1. The markets speak a language that you should learn to understand.
2. The market is rigged, but it does not mean you cannot win at its game.
3. Not paying for mentorship is a huge mistake for those who are seeking to trade.
4. Beware of people who talk alot, for it will be a very expensive lesson for you.
5. Trading is a craft; you can't fool anyone if you don't have the skill.
6. Your emotions matters in trading.

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