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Our Story


Message from IF

Those of you who already know me need only read the next paragraph to decide whether or not to join up:

Although RTM concepts are becoming the standard text in trading, the concepts being taught far and wide are from my understanding of nearly a decade ago.  Although the lessons are still valid, I can't think in those terms anymore.  My understanding now is far deeper. I had considered giving RTM Academy students access to RTM, but it was very telling to realise that old RTM would only confuse them. So, all I can teach now is my current understanding, and I'm not going to share it with the World.

Those of you who don't know me can read on, but I'll only look like another marketer, until you've researched my older work and realise I'm the real deal.

Wishing you every success.



About Us

RTM Academy is an online training group who specialise in education in the foreign exchange and all other financial markets with a strong emphasis on price action.

After the growing success of www.readthemarket.com (RTM) where If Myante published his knowledge of the market, it was decided to develop and run a course that would write the universal rules of the market for the first time, and teach it in a simple and totally unambiguous manner.

This is how RTM Academy was born.

The Academy, however, will not be around forever; it is the beginning of a much bigger plan; a plan to create, from scratch, the best traders in the world, forming a group which is completely in tune with the markets, catching all the moves all the time, and one day soon turning the market ourselves.  With the capital generated, we want to invest heavily in global infrastructure, giving everybody on the planet the same opportunities to make a life for themselves!

Once we have enough traders to build the financials, we will start the implementation of this bigger plan to change the world to become a better place for everyone.

With the quality guidance and training RTM Academy provides, these dreams of creating master traders to change the world for the better, are not far from reality.



Earn what is bound to become the greatest qualification in market analysis ⇒


At RTM Academy, we don’t teach how to gamble. In fact, we’re totally unique in what we do; we teach how to fully understand the market and the rules that run it, the algorithms, psychology and electronic, used in market movement, how to read them, and how to trade right alongside the market movers.

Forum & Community

Our forum creates a close community for students to collaborate and learn from each another and concurrently help one another in his/her journey to becoming a master of price reading.

Unique Mentoring

Our mentoring style is very unique in that we will guide students in the direction of the answer/truth and allow each to discover the "aha moment of the market" and gain the personal insight.

Homework Assignments

Intensive homework assignments for students to complete.  These challenging assignments will help our students put theory into practice with real live charts to speed up learning.

Access to Updated Education

Access to any future group trainining webinars and lessons. We will conduct webinars and provide additional lessons should our students need extra help in their learning process.

IF MYANTE - Founder of RTM and RTM Academy

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