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The Theory

There is always order in the market!
Learn how it's moved, and the rules used in its movement... Read more


The Practice

Learn to trade alongside the market movers.
Get the best price on every trade... 
Read more


The Performance

With your newfound understanding, you'll see, first-hand, how compounding is the Eighth Wonder of the World... Read more    

About RTM Academy

The market is the arena for a perpetual game of Cat and Mouse. The mice keep coming, but the cats always prevail. The cats have never needed elaborate tactics to win the game; they've always simply used their size, and the fears and hopes of the mice, to their advantage.

In RTM Academy, you'll learn the tricks the market movers play on the rest of the market, and, more important, you'll learn the rules which they themselves have created and live by. You'll learn to read the entire story of price, and accurately predict where it will turn.

Our Philosophy

If you see a piece of truth glistening in the dirt, get down on your knees and gently dig it out, for it's the greatest treasure you will ever find.

Vision & Mission

Knowledge transfer enabling students mastery of the market to support themselves and flourish as a responsible citizen globally.




At RTM Academy, we don’t teach how to gamble.
In fact, we’re totally unique in what we do;
we teach how to fully understand the market and the rules that run it,
the algorithms, psychology and electronic, used in market movement, how to read them,
and how to trade right alongside the market movers.
.......read more

Forum & Community

Forum & Community

Our forum creates a close community for students to collaborate and learn from each another and concurrently help one another in his/her journey to becoming a master of price reading.
Unique Mentoring

Unique Mentoring

Our mentoring style is very unique in that we will guide students in the direction of the answer/truth and allow each to discover the "aha moment of the market" and gain the personal insight.
Learn at Your Own Pace
With our rolling e-learning course, students can learn at their own pace that is best suited to their own schedule. No students are left behind. We have established forums to answer questions with the threads available for all students to access anytime.



RTM Academy attracts students from all over the world from diverse background and professions.  We now have an on-going admissions policy and we admit students throughout the year.  Our policy is "no students will be left behind".


Students should come with a fresh and open mind and put aside all past education about the market.  Prior knowledge of terms and abbreviations used in ReadTheMarket.Com is a plus, but not necessary.  No prior trading experience is required.

How to Apply

Complete the application and questionnaire and submit a scanned copy of the required documents.


Check Our New Course

The Master Traders Training Program

Incorporates the Institutional Traders Playbook



RTM Academy Student: Mike 40 year old
Manager : 15 years experience
Profession: Coach

So let me shortly summarise the six months I’ve spent in RTM Academy. I need to confess that I didn’t expect that it will take so much time to get to know this part, but that’s reality.  There has been a lot of material prepared to cover all aspects.  Then you need to look into and reset your old habits, and spend many hours studying to acknowledge it all.  But then, finally you have your 'aha moment and click' and you start to understand what’s going on.  Chart starts to speak in a language you and those who are moving the market knows.  This is priceless!  Definitely I can confirm today that it was a very important decision I made to take a part in this project and I can recommend it to anyone who think seriously about trading!

Value of Course is Priceless

"Worth every cent that I paid.  Because there is no way at all I could figure out all the things I was taught in a trillion years.  I paid attention to most of the training available out there.  Almost wanted to attend a more famous supply demand training course.  Boy was I glad I did not.  Because you will learn that there is more to supply and demand.  Just thank your lucky stars you are accepted into this training."

Exceeded Expectation at All Time

"I think it is normal to start a new project with doubts and fears...is this what I think? ...My expectations at all times have been exceeded!

1) Quality:  Definitions, concepts etc, are explained scientifically and have a peculiar feeling of mature knowledge so that only the correct words are meant to be there ...... 2) Direct:  Information is delivered in correct and important order  ...... 3) Warm:  Interaction in the class room is warm and many new friends are made here, awesome people.

IF really knows the market at a very deep level; you wont believe it. At the end, you will have a very deep and powerfull understanding of the real economic world, and the money of the World will take shape in front of you."

Best Thing I Did

"I have to admit, I started this course without many expectations  But now, I realized that signing up for this course is the best thing I did in my entire life. Now, whenever I come to the charts I KNOW what to see and where. This is what this course teaches. This course is a shortcut to arrive at the truth, but you have to be prepared for a ton of work, study and be prepared to commit your life 100%." 

It Will be Worth It, Believe Me

"If I was to characterise the RTM Academy with one single word, it would be passion.  Passion of all involved.  The passion of IF to write the lessons in clear and understandable manner, the passion of the other guys in the RTM Academy team to do all the hard work with organisation and tech support, and also the great passion of all the students!

I salute to all of you, guys. You’re the best!

The academy will teach you how to clearly see what’s going on in the market and how to trade with the institutional traders.  Forget about easy shortcuts, you will sweat a lot!  But it will be worth it, believe me!"

Complete Understanding of Price

Completely understand the movement of price and the tricks played by Institutional traders to fill their books.

Universal Rule

Know the Universal Rule of Market Dynamic.  

Understand the Psychology

Understand the psychology behind the market.  Understand what is in the mind of market movers as they move price up, down, or sideways.

Price Bounce or Reverse

Know where price will bounce and when it has reversed.

Right Side of the Market

Trade mechanically with a strict set of objective rules that will keep you on the right side of the market at all times.

Retailers Mistakes

Learn the common mistakes retail traders make and how this is beneficial to Institutional Traders.

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"Fixing the World 
Is Easier Than You Think!"

The Blue Dot Community is an international movement dedicated to forming a new type of government in every country on Earth and creating the enlightened future we need, as one tribe, with no rich or poor members, all doing only work which needs to be done, to live a happy, healthy, peaceful life, in harmony with nature.

New Government for The People

New Government for The People

The present, apparently disparate societies of Earth are all part of one giant ponzi scheme, where all wealth is filtered Read More
One Tribe

One Tribe

Sixty to thirty thousand years ago, our forebears walked out of Africa to fill the globe.  We share the same Read More
Working Together to Better Humanity

Working Together to Better Humanity

Humanity is one people, one tribe, and we want to act as such. Read More
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