The Master Traders Training Program

Educating the best traders in the world

The Theory 
There is always order in the market!
Learn how it's moved, and the rules used in its movement.

The Practice
Learn to trade alongside the market movers. Get the best price on every trade.

With your newfound understanding, you'll see, first-hand, how compounding is the Eighth Wonder of the World!

About the Academy

The market is the arena for a perpetual game of Cat and Mouse. The mice keep coming, but the cats always prevail. The cats have never needed elaborate tactics to win the game; they've always simply used their size, and the fears and hopes of the mice, to their advantage. In RTMA, you'll learn the tricks the market movers play on the rest of the market, and, more important, you'll learn the rules which they themselves have created and live by. You'll learn to read the entire story of price, and accurately predict where it will turn.

Key Features

 Learn the Rules of the Market
 Learn the tricks that get played
 Understand the psychology behind the market
 Know where price will bounce
 Know when it's reversed
 Get our unique mapping tool
 Become fully in tune with price
 Earn what is bound to become the greatest qualification in market analysis